Diversity & Inclusion:

As a MWBE certified company , Post L Group recognizes and values the richness of our communities and endorses the sustainable working relationships of MWBE/HUB programs. Our staff provides value add to the Prime Contractor with a  comprehensive in house MWBE/HUB Contract Coordination and provide services paramount to the success of our company and our clients.

We are experts at developing and implementing successful programs that achieve unprecedented levels of participation through business and employment opportunities, while imparting lasting benefits to the community



State of Texas HUB

Membership Organization Affiliations:

National Association of Minority Contractors

Regional Black Contractors Association

Fort Worth Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce

Arlington Black Chamber of Commerce

Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce

Our initiatives for maximizing MWBE/HUB participation include tactics such as:

⦁    Structuring bid packages to allow for maximum participation by local women and minority-owned businesses.

⦁    Collaborating with women and minority business organizations to identify firms for participation on the project.

⦁    Ascertaining capacity and capability of local marketplace, establishing aggressive goals consistent with the availability of MWBE/HUB firms in the marketplace.

⦁    Facilitating partnerships among majority-owned firms and MWBE/HUBs.

⦁    Sending bid alert announcements to MWBE/HUB contractor organizations regularly.

⦁    Providing interested MWBE/HUB technical assistance or information related to plans, specifications and requirements.

⦁    Establishing and maintaining in “in-reach” relationships with MWBE/HUB groups, organizations and associations at the local, state and federal levels and utilizing these relationships to actively seek subcontracting opportunities involving MWBE/HUB participation.

⦁    Assisting interested MWBE/HUB in obtaining necessary equipment, supplies, materials to satisfy the work requirements